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International Nursing Jobs

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It is a fact that nurses from the US are very highly respected for their skill and the excellent training they receive. This means that with shortages in nursing around the world there are many opportunities for those who are interested in international nursing jobs. Various health care organizations will offer packages to such nurses to attract them too in places all over the globe like Western Europe, the Philippines, the Middle East, Africa, and South America. If you are motivated and skilled this may be a great opportunity for you.



When recruiters in health care are looking to fill international nursing vacancies there are several factors they have to consider. A big thing they prefer applicants to have is some experience. While those newly qualified are free to apply, those with experience are more likely to get positions first. However if you are a new nurse and this is something you want to start your career with, contact some recruiters anyway. There are some situations where an international health organization might ask specifically for newer qualified nurses as the pay is lower.

Another thing that can influence your being hired is your knowledge of the language. Obviously nurses need to be able to follow instructions from doctors, understand other staff and be able to communicate with their patients as well as possible. It would certainly boost your desirability if you have some ability in the language. Some hospitals or organizations will offer language classes for international nurses, or even translators, but if you demonstrate some learning or knowledge in the interview stages that would increase your chances at getting the job.

Getting started

It is actually not as complicated as some might think to get this process started. The first thing you need to prepare for an international nursing job is the documentation they request which includes your nursing qualifications. Then you can look either in nursing journals or online for health care recruitment organizations who specialize in filling international nursing jobs.

Things to keep in mind when working with a recruiter is that your skills are in high demand so make sure you find someone who has the best policies for nurses. For example things like your travel expenses and housing should be taken care of by the organization hiring you and there should be other benefits you can ask for.

With a recruiter organized when you know what country you will be working in you need to organize a work visa. In most situations, because other countries welcome skilled and experienced nurses to their country, this is a simple procedure. The organization that hired you should have information on how to get a via on their website. With that done you can start to work.

International Nursing Jobs – Considering New Zealand

While your options are wide and there are great opportunities globally, you may want to consider New Zealand as a great place to take your nursing skills for a while. The health providers there are always looking for skilled nurses to join their healthcare workforce and there are a large range of roles there that gives you more options. You could enter as a registered nurse, work in mental health, midwifery and so on.

Nurses from the UK may want to look at the Skilled Migrant Immigration category as a means of entering New Zealand to work as a nurse. The two countries have a close relationship and so this makes the process of placement a little easier. You have to have been offered a job already though. If you have used an agency they can offer advice on the requirements the Nursing Council and Registration Board and the New Zealand immigration have. They can also help with practical concerns like relocation needs and supporting you when you arrive there. Doing it this way means you can enter the country knowing exactly where you will be working and living which takes some of the worry away from working abroad.

New Zealand is a great country to work in because it is English speaking so you do not have to worry about language barriers. There is a lot to do and see so in your time when you are not at work you can choose from things like mountain biking, surfing, hiking, skiing, whale watching and much more. Or if that is not what you are interested in there are plenty of cultural sites to visit or beaches to relax on! As it is a popular place for other nationalities to come to, including the US and the UK you are sure to find it very multicultural.

The bonus you get from registering in New Zealand is that it gives you the right to apply to register in Australia also under the TTMR Agreement (Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition). So when your contract is done in New Zealand you can continue your adventure in Australia if you are not ready to go home yet!

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