International Relations Jobs

If you are looking for a job that is fulfilling and rewarding, offers you a chance to see the world while getting to solve problems then a career in International Relations may be a great choice for you. There are several paths you can take depending on your education and skills including academia, government, think tanks, consulting, nonprofit and business opportunities. Here are some examples of what such careers might look like.

Where to Look for International Relation Jobs

The government is a great place to look for international relations opportunities, with a number of agencies to choose from. CIA if you are interested in working in intelligence, USAID if you want to work in development, Department of Commerce for international trade, the peace corps, the state department where you could join the foreign service, Homeland Security, Department of defense, to name a few. If you are looking at the foreign service this is a great way to see other countries while helping with democracy and diplomacy and can be challenging but very satisfying too.


Another option is to join projects in the developing world helping nonprofit organizations give opportunities to poorer countries. Skills that are highly valued in such a role would include grant writing, child development and micro financing. There are many organizations to consider if this interests you. One such large foundation is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. They help those who want a career in international relations go to developing countries to volunteer or do internships, or start a career there. They do a lot of good work too fighting disease and poverty in developing countries.

If business is your thing there are plenty of careers in international relations in this sector too. One option would be to join an international consulting firm, while a highly competitive option, it is a chance to solve business problems around the world while you learn about the economics and business practices in other countries. Your career prospects are good too with the possibility of reaching senior levels in international companies like Boston Consulting Group or Bain.

Academics too have their own skills and international career opportunities. If your skills are more towards reading, writing and research you can still take these and find a job that also fulfills your desire to work abroad in things like think tanks.

Whatever skills and interests you have, there are careers in international relations out there that you would suit. It would be an adventure you would never forget and provide you with experience and a better understanding of your field and the world itself. The world is so much more open and easier to reach than it used to be, so take this chance to do what you have dreamed of.

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