International Medical Jobs


Joining a medical practice that is contemporary and modern can be a very challenging but rewarding career. You are able to see and work with the latest development of treatments and technologies offering a glimpse into a future where it is not just drugs we rely on for treatment options but also genetics, new therapies, electronics, molecular biology, new techniques and nanotechnology. Being part of the medical community means you are helping to provide an essential service to the public through diagnosing, treating and helping to manage disease and illness.

In today’s society expectations are a lot higher than they used to be about the role professionals in the healthcare are meant to play in the kind of support they can offer to their patients. As well as taking care of their physical or mental health there is also an expectation of some emotional as well as social support too. Whatever role or position you have you are expected to have the following traits, to be caring, compassionate and have competence, commitment, responsibility, advocacy and integrity.

Global Medical Careers

A shortage of healthcare workers

All of the above is true whether you choose to work in the country you studied in or whether you are choosing to take an international medical job. There is no doubt there is a worldwide shortage of medical or healthcare professionals which means there is opportunity for some to offer their skills to countries in need, while also getting the chance to travel. Medical associations and institutions around the world offer incentives to attract healthcare workers to their countries. A shortage of medical staff can hold a country back from achieving vital goals and policies to its people. It is estimated that there is a global shortage of 4.3 million professionals in the health industry, this is not just doctors, it includes midwives, nurses and other healthcare people too.

Because of the above shortage the Global Health Workforce developed and commissioned Guidelines on Incentives for Health Professionals. This is to help countries identify problems and then implement solutions to their healthcare worker crisis. Crucial to the finding, recruiting, and then retaining healthcare workers from across the world is to address finding the right incentives, both financial and not. These incentives would also address how well these professionals perform too. Financial incentives include things like salary, housing provided or an allowance given, tax redemption, insurance breaks, clothing, and initiatives based on performance. Non financial incentives might include things like making sure the workplace is positive and welcoming, having a flexible work timetable, career development and training.

Medical Jobs in New Zealand

Taking an international medical job somewhere like New Zealand could be a great choice to make. It like the rest of the world has a medical staff shortage, and amongst the other OECD countries it actually attracts the highest percentage of migrant doctors and one of the top for nurses too. The OECD or Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is a collection of 34 governments with market economies working with each other, and has over 70 non-member economies too. It helps to promote growth in economies, development that can be sustained and prosperity.


While there may be no specified healthcare worker immigration policy in New Zealand, there are both temporary and permanent routes you can take to enter the country and work there. As with any country be sure to check out your international recruitment agency options and make sure you talk to people who have experience in the country you are interested in. They will be able to make sure you have thought of all the details involved in such a career move and can offer advice backed by experience when you need it.

Medical Jobs in United Arab Emirates

For some professionals who are interested there is a big world out there offering a large choice of international travel while taking an international medical job. You still get to improve on your skills, further your career, get paid but you also get to experience other cultures, learn a new language, explore the natural world, learn a new history. Another option you might want to consider is the United Arab Emirates.


The United Arab Emirates is made up of seven nations who unified together in 1971. The place has become a very popular one for holiday makers and for working professionals to visit for both its man-made and natural wonders. It is attractive to all sorts of people because it is safe, has a tolerant culture and is making vast investments into various aspects including its medical infrastructure. In fact the United Arab Emirates can boast that it has one of the world’s best performing and most advanced healthcare systems, both private and public. With all this development it now needs the healthcare workers to staff it and amongst those looking for international medical jobs this is one of the most sought after locations.

Dubai now is a prosperous place to live and work. Once it as just a small fishing settlement but the discovery of huge oil resources in the 1960s propelled it to wealth and advancement. This is the city at the center of the United Arab Emirates, a place where there is always development going on and a city that is always evolving. It is captivating for many reasons, the modernness against the traditional life style, world class shopping, gorgeous beaches, exotic food and culture. Getting a job there is a great way to experience this for yourself.

If this is something that appeals to make sure you get the most out of it, be sure to use a reputable medical recruitment agency that have experience placing professionals in the Middle East. They will have built up relationships with clients there that would help you settle better and can make sure you get a safe position that best suits you. Not all medical recruitment agencies have enough experience or knowledge to place your trust in so check reviews, talk to several places. Your specialist recruiter should not just be able to get a dream position, they should also offer support and guidance through the whole process. You should also expect to be offered benefits such as free flights there and home, free accommodation, bonuses, relocation costs covered, a good annual leave sum and free medical insurance. With this kind of package everything is covered and you can relax and enjoy the experience rather than worrying about details or costs.

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