International Dental Hygienist Jobs

If you have a wish to travel the world, see new countries and experience new cultures and you have just qualified as a dental hygienist, it might make you happy to hear you can combine your new skills with your wander lust as there are dental hygienist careers abroad. This means you can get a great experience both professionally and personally, earn an income and have an adventure!


International Dental Hygienist

Having a US qualification in dental hygiene opens up opportunities for you around the world as it is highly regarded. Most dental hygienists can find work abroad with relative ease. However before you rush out you may want to get a year or worth of experience in the field on US soil. Being able to show you have some experience as well as a qualification can get you jobs that come with better incomes and bonuses. You can learn more on how to become a dental hygienist at

There are things also you need to take care of, like vaccinations depending on where in the world you want to head to, and by working you can build up some savings to fall back onto just in case you need them. You also need to make sure visas, passports, travel insurance and so on are dealt with in case you need to return back for any medical reason.

One way to combine travel, your career and a desire to serve your country would be to join the military. You could travel around the US as well as the world while working as a dental hygienist. You could join the military first and then get your dental hygienist qualification, or do it the other way round so that you are a civilian working in the forces.

However you undertake this, be sure to do some research about the country first. Try to learn some of the main customs and get used to different practices before you arrive so that you are not surprised by anything and do not inadvertently offend anyone. For example if you end up in a Muslim country there are some that are more liberal and some that are more traditional. If you are female heading to a traditional Muslim country may make it hard to get work as women are not allowed to work there, or they are only allowed to work on female patients. There may also be a dress code that you need to stick to if you want to attract less hostile attention. It is not just women who need to be aware of such customs. In some countries females will not be allowed to be left alone with a male even if you are in the medical profession.

Dental hygienist careers abroad can offer a great experience to those who are up for the adventure while developing your knowledge of your profession and the world around you. Just make sure you educate yourself about where you are heading and pay the nearest American embassy a visit when you arrive!

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