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At International Job Search we work with expats and search for overseas jobs around the Globe. For us it is a great source of information on current international job search and overseas job interview trends world-wide.

When your international job search takes you out of your home market you must research the expectations and preferences of interviewers overseas. The key to interview success is careful preparation. However, where can a prospective expat go to find advice on how to interview properly & source overseas jobs in Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Madrid, London, China, Hong Kong, Shanghai or Brazil?

Here are some points for expat job seekers to consider;

There is no standard way to dress. In some cultures you may be thought of as "overdressed".

In some cultures the interviewer will wait for you to "sell" yourself. In other cultures you may be expected to listen carefully and respond only when prompted.

Some countries conduct very formal and serious interviews where small talk is frowned upon. Other countries expect a period of small talk to relax both parties.

In some cultures 3-4 interviews are standard. In others you could be offered a position immediately with no discussion on salary or job content. It is assumed that you would be honored to join their ranks and that conditions can be discussed once you are onboard.

If you do not know the answers to these questions in the overseas country that you are targeting, take professional advice FROM THE TEAM AT INTERNATIONAL JOB SEARCH!